Sustainability lays at the core of what we do, because we can only make an impact for the "outside", if our products themselves comply with our philosophy. We know we can't be perfect from scratch – there are still many screws that need to be adjusted. That's why we keep reflecting about our actions and decisions constantly and try to get better and better the more resources we acquire in order to do so. 

We're also super happy to hear your thoughts and ideas about implementing sustainable practices!



Our sweater is produced under fair conditions in the South of India under the leadership of Ganesh, the owner of the production site. We made sure to use high quality organic cotton, because growing organic cotton needs less water ressoruces and is also better for the soil. We work together with SupplyCompass, a young business located in India and Great Britain, whose aim is to make manufacturing more transparent and sustainable and therefore regularly audits our partner on site. 

Copyright by  SupplyCompass

Copyright by SupplyCompass



All items come to our warehouse which is located in Prague in biodegradable bags in order to protect them from dirt and humidity. For shipping to our customers we only use recycled paper as well as tissue paper from sustainable forestry in Germany.