How political shall
fashion be?

Less Too Late is the destination for mindful fashion. Each collection is dedicated to one social or environmental topic and is designed by an artist who transforms the topic into wearable statements. With each item sold, we donate 5€ to theme-related charity, so our designs are followed by actions.

Less Too Late was founded in 2016 by the two sisters Anna and Teresa Müller. Over the last years, we felt more and more lost in the floods of information, news, symbols and pictures in the digital space. Regarding the important social and environmental challenges of our time, we felt somehow powerless and didn't know where to start. But we knew that there are already great projects and initiative out there tackling these challenges. 

We thought about how to support these initiatives effectively and especially create attention for their topics. That's when we realised, that fashion can be a wonderful medium to convey a message, but contribute to actual change at the same time. With fashion we can embody our beliefs – on the streets, at work, and literally everywhere you go.

With our preview sweater we want to give a little foretaste concerning our plans for the future and what our central motivation actually is: timeless, fashionable statements, which influence our environment and society sustainably. 



Two sisters on a mission.

Our central aim is to support politically and socially committed non-profit projects through the sale of our clothes. It is vital to us to inform our customer consequently about the impact of the collection as well as being transparent about our entire supply chain. Currently, all of our products are manufactured under fair and environmentally friendly conditions in India. We reject any use of plastic in terms of packaging and only work with natural fibres and low-impact dyeing. 

This project wouldn't be anything without the amazing people who support us on our journey, especially: Mama & Papa, Karen, Nadine, Jan, Vivi, the Kleiderei Team, Johanna, Amina, Sven, Sevi, Bettina, Waldek, Felix, Keno, Sydney, Linda, Olga, Conrad, Victor, Tillmann, Flo und Yalun & many more.

We thank you from the deep of our heart for your support!